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Oxalate Answers: A Quick Outline

I. Oxalic acid: What is it?

Surface of a kidney stone

Surface of a kidney stone

Iron Oxalate Crystals

Raphides, needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals, were collected from kiwifruit homogenate through heavy media separation using a dense CsCl solution. (A) The SEM image of purified raphides (x400). (B) Further magnification of the left part of the image (A) (x1,500).
The white bars in photos indicate 100 μm (or 0.1 mm). Raphides purified from kiwifruit had sharp needle-like shapes with smooth surfaces, and did not have grooves and barb-like shapes observed in raphides of Araceae plants.

Irritant Warning!


Sodium Oxalate - PubChem

Potassium Oxalate - PubChem

Calcium Oxalate - PubChem


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II. Where does oxalic acid come from?

Examples of High OX Foods

High-Oxalate Foods


Examples of LOW / NO OX Foods

Since oxalate is only found in plant foods, all the meats and fish are safe.


Food Oxalate Graph

Mammals make oxalate as a metabolic waste product, but it has no known function. Higher amounts are generated when:

oxalate metabolism

III. How can oxalate harm you?

Electron Microscope images of nano-sized (left) and micron-sized (right) calcium oxalate crystals. Sun 2015

Oxalate Cell Death

The mediation of calcium oxalate size on cell death mode in Vero cells. Nano-sized COM and COD crystals primarily caused apoptotic cell death owing to their small size effect and uniform and moderate injuries. Micron-sized crystals primary caused necrotic cell death due to their large size and local acute injuries.

Can lead to a wide range of problems throughout the body

IV. How and why are the crystals formed?

Science is studying these questions, because we don’t know enough yet. It is hard to study oxalate handling, distribution, and oxalate crystal deposition in the body.

V. Why does it affect some people and not others?

VI. How can I know if oxalates are an issue for me?

Patterns of Symptoms Often Associated with Oxalate Toxicity

There is no single pattern of symptoms that identifies oxalate toxicity, everyone has their own unique set of reactions to over-exposure to oxalates. But If you have ever had kidney stones, or if you have three or more of the following problems, you may benefit from lowering your oxalate consumption:







Low Oxalate Diet for Autism

Genetic Oxalosis

Vulva Pain

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Leaky Gut