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Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

This page is dedicated to showcasing English-language research and content produced by the International Center for Medical Nutritional Intervention (ICMNI) clinic in Hungary, formerly known as Paleomedicina Hungary. The Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet is trademarked by ICMNI. This website is not affiliated with ICMNI, and as such, this page should be viewed solely as an introduction to their research. You should consult with ICMNI if you have interest in PKD, to ensure that the diet is implemented according to their standards.

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The International Center for Medical Nutritional Intervention (ICMNI) clinic, formerly known as Paleomedicina, is based in Budapest, Hungary. Led by Dr. Zsófia Clemens and Dr. Csaba Tóth, ICMNI formulated the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet (PKD) and have used it exclusively in their clinic since 2013 to treat an extensive range of autoimmune and metabolic diseases, such as type I diabetes, type II diabetes, cancer, and Crohn’s disease.

A primary focus of the clinic is the link between intestinal permeability and chronic health conditions. PKD was formulated as a diet shown to decrease intestinal permeability, as measured by the PEG-400 test. Read about leaky gut here.



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